I am a Professor of Environmental Management at AgroParisTech (French Institute of Forestry, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering). I belong to CESCO (the Center for Conservation Research).

My research and teaching revolves around one question: “Given an environmental problem, who can act, and how, to resolve it?”.
My basic perspective is strategic management. I address a wide range of environmental issues, but with a keener interest for biodiversity conservation and the management of ecosystems.


Laurent Mermet passed away on June 16, 2019 following a cancer against which he fought with vigour. He continued as long as he was able to engage and facilitate reflections with all the rigor, enthusiasm and open-mindedness that always characterized him. After several decades of working tirelessly to put the issue of environmental performance at the heart of his thinking and teaching, in a constant back and forth between innovative and rigorous research (in the fields of strategy, negotiation/concertation, future studies, accounting, etc.) and action in support of environmental players, he wanted to share his written work as widely as possible, as well as his courses, lectures and podcasts, in order to engage in a more open dialogue with as many people as possible. His website having been deactivated following his death, we have therefore rebuilt the site with the same headings and presentation texts that he himself had written.

My work is organised around three complementary problematiques

Strategic analysis

With a network of colleagues and students I develop “Strategic Environmental Management Analysis”, a model that takes the full measure of the power issues and adversative dimension inherent in ecological issues.


Negotiation theory has a lot to offer here. It also needs the complement of new research to deal with specificities of environmental management situations. I have also a keen interest in the various forms of participation.

Future research

Future research My work concentrates on the methods and theories used for environmental futures research, with an emphasis on scenarios and gaming simulations.

The site offers a number of publications and (audio) lectures,
as well as information on my past and on-going work and collaborations.

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