Archive pre-1995 texts


In this archive, I have placed a choice of older texts that are still relevant for further work.

  • My “habilitation” report, presenting my research orientations in 1994. They are pretty much in line with what I am doing now!  Download
  • … and its reference list  Download
  • The report of an early research on the difficulties involved in integrating environmentally friendly practices in farming   Download
  • The report of a 1994 study on the evaluation of French wetlands policies. The study started the research the resulted in the 2010 “Concern-focused evaluation” and still provides a very interesting case study and methodological reflexion.
    Volume 1 (1993)   Download
  • Volume 2   Download

(see 1994 for 1st volume of wetland evaluation study)

  • A report promoting more ecosystem-based management of rivers   Download
  • The final paper on my research on Policy Exercises   Download
  • A paper summarizing a study on the difficult adoption of (and reticence to) environmentally-friendly agricultural practices in France in the early 1990s   Download
  • A report debriefing experiments with Policy Exercises   Download
  • The paper that summarised my doctoral dissertation, introducing SEMA (but not yet introducing the phrase)   Download
  • An interview where I describe my work… in 1990   Download
  • My doctoral dissertation, which proposes the SEMA framework (without the phrase). Contains everything in my 1992 book on strategy, + some   Download
  • Another text on policy exercises   Download
  • This book chapter proposes a debriefing of the strategies used by a team of modellers to get their model to be used in international negotiations. Interesting also because of the game-concept-based method it rests on   Download
  • A IIASA working paper where I introduce the idea of using the game-concept to analyse strategic situations   Download
  • An early text on negotiation, cooperation and conflict (see 2009 paper on similar concern).  Download
  • An early text on the importance of participation issues in environmental management Download
  • A book on perspectives for solutions that play on synergies between wetland conservation and economic development. Just to show that this synergy is not in the least a new idea (and no panacea either).   Download 
  • A research report on the use (and non-use) of cost-benefit analysis for environmental decision-making (a precursor of my current work on biodiversity economics).  Download 
  • A report on the development of environmental mediation in the US and why it would be very difficult to transfer in France as a method for environmental conflict resolution.  Download 
  • A reflexion text on the importance of conflict in environmental management. An important preamble for the strategic perspective that dominates my work.   Download 
  • A diagnostic study on the strategies of local social actors, in preparation of a conservation area strategy near Hyères (on the French mediterranean coast). The approach was then new… and it was to take more than 20 years until the protected area was created.  Download 
  • A study on “Gestion patrimoniale”, before I took the turn from this cooperation-rooted approach to a more strategic perspective.  Download 
  • A research report on the role economic studies in decision about a public project for draining the Marais Poitevin (one of the main French wetlands).  Download