Concern-focused policy evaluation


The SEMA framework focuses analysis on whether or not environmental conservation (or restoration) targets are met or not. This makes it very relevant for the evaluation of policies from the point of view of their effectiveness from an environmental perspective.

A major study for the evaluation of French wetland policies served as the first testing ground for such use.
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or a paper synthesizing some of the main teachings of the case

Based on further cases e.g. in Raphaël Billé’s or Maya Leroy’s research, we generalized these teachings to propose a “concern-focused evaluation” approach for the framing of policy evaluation in contexts where there is a high degree of ambiguity or contradiction in public policies (which I think applies to most situations with real environmental issues!).

Stéphane Guéneau‘s recently defended, and Karine Belna’s soon to be defended theses test the application of this approach to issues of deforestation at global and national scales.