The aims of the site


  • to provide an overview and explain the internal logic of a research and training work that covers a range of topics,
  • to make easily available a number of texts and lectures, especially for colleagues, professionals and students.

A word about language. The site’s language is (admittedly, a Frenchman’s) English. French language content is indicated by (fr) (in titles) or by italics (in texts, and in words leading to links or content download). Although much of my work has been in French, I trust there is enough English language content on the site to satisfy the English-speaking reader.

La langue du site est l’anglais. Pour le public visé – étudiants, chercheurs, experts – cela ne doit pas poser problème. Le lecteur francophone aura la consolation de trouver sur le site une abondance de contenus en Français dans les publications et conférences téléchargeables. Ils sont signalés par les italiques.

Comments. Since the site is mostly designed to inform and to distribute material, comments have been inactivated. Contact is through e-mail.