Raphaël Billé

Dissertation: “La Gestion Intégrée du Littoral se décrète-t-elle ? Une analyse stratégique de la mise en oeuvre, entre approche programme et cadre normatif”.

Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) has been developed and adopted over the last two decades as the main framework for sustainable development of coastal areas. Today, implementing this framework is both highly critical and very challenging. It is the main focus of this dissertation. This research builds upon a fundamental duality observed in ICM: ICM is a framework in which all coastal activities are to be integrated, but it is at the same time a set of “ICM-labelled” initiatives. Quite noticeably, this set of ad hoc initiatives tends to receive most attention from analysts and ICM practitioners. Even more critically, a detailed analysis of the “ICM world” highlights an obvious focus on a programme approach to ICM. The dissertation shows that this focus is theoretically not justified, challenged by problems that ICM programmes implementation faces in the field, and hampering evaluation of ICM implementation. Based on several case studies in France and Madagascar, a strategic approach to ICM implementation and evaluation is developed that strengthens ICM theoretical background so as to make it more efficiently workable in the field

The dissertation can be downloaded here:

For a presentation of some of the results, see this paper.

Raphaël Billé is now director of the biodiversity program of IDDRI.